1. Name

1.1 The name of the organisation is the Food & Beverage Managers Association of London (FBMA).

1.2 The FBMA is an independent unincorporated not for profit association conducted in accordance with this constitution.

2. Interpretation

2.1 In this Constitution the following expressions have the following meaning unless the context requires otherwise.

2.2 Words importing one gender shall (where appropriate) include any other gender and words importing the singular shall (where appropriate)

include the plural and vice versa.

3. Objectives

3.1 The objectives of the Food & Beverage Managers Association are:

(a) to promote the highest standard of management, training and education within the Food & Beverage industry in London.

(b) to increase the status and awareness of the profession as a viable career choice at all levels of the sector.

(c) to build a social networking framework for the membership.

(d) to create and develop business networking opportunities.

(e) to act as a forum for developing stronger relationships with suppliers to the industry.

(f) to discuss industry practices, legislative changes and future requirements communicating the organisations views an opinions to the industry

at large.

(g) to become affiliated with other professional bodies that are relevant and can add value to the organisation.

(h) to promote, sponsor and encourage events that will enhance the standing of the organisation and will help develop the sectors profile

with young people looking to establish a career in the industry.

(i) to provide “mentoring” services for young people in the industry.

(j) to make available a range of internships within the members establishment.

4. Structure

4.1 Committee

The FBMA Committee will comprise of 5 members – 3 fixed for a term of 24 months with the Chairman and Secretary being permanent positions.

The initial Committee will set for 24 months from 1st of January 2014 and can only be changed by resignation.

All positions to be confirmed to the members following a nomination and election by the Committee.

4.2 Committee Members:

Members of the FBMA Committee 2016

Chairman          Roy Sommer

Desiree Dils                 Co - Founder & Director of F&B at Hotel L'Europe

Antonio Vigorito           Operations Manager Special Forces & Vice - Chairman

Luc Coquillard              Operations Manager - Scallini

Pedro Mendes             Director of F&B - The Grand Brighton

5.0 Membership

5.1 Membership Criteria

Membership will be open to all Food & Beverage professionals who have held a management position within the London area; this will include those who have left for temporary assignments Overseas. This will include, but is not limited to:

Food& Beverage Directors / Managers (4 & 5 star hotels)

GM’s of Restaurants or Restaurant Group

Hotel & Operations Managers who have held F & B positions

Establishments to include Hotels / Restaurants / Clubs / Contract Caterers

Membership will ultimately be at the discretion of the Committee.

5.2 Membership Subscription - Year 1 subscription £90, Membership fee will be due for renewal after each year.

5.3 Non – member participation – each event and workshop will be open to non-members for a nominal charge of £20 and £10 respectively per event.

6.0 Finances & Sponsorship

6.1 The Association will establish a sponsorship strategy that will enable it to develop a website, marketing collateral, workshops, mentoring programme, events and awards.

6.2 The Association will establish a long-term commitment to raise funds for its chosen charity being Hospitality Action.

6.3 A bank account will be established under the FBMA name, release of funds from the account will require 2 signatures, the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman/Membership Secretary of the Association.

6.4 Members subscription to be used to fund costs of Association Meetings and/or Events.